“A “must read” for anyone considering starting a concierge service or wanting to make their service better.”
–Starr Concierge Services

“A very essential book with a real insider’s perspective and counsel. I appreciated that it got straight to the point – what I need to know to make my service more appealing than my competitors!” - Bradley Dervaes, ResidentialConcierge.com

Keys to Starting & Operating a Successful Concierge Service

Starting your own business in any industry is never as simple as it seems.  Launching a concierge service is no exception.  Little things as simple as defining the service to answering service calls appear to be easy, almost effortless. 

Unfortunately, many startups have come and gone because they held that perspective…that this business is as “easy as 1-2-3.”  Startups that would have flourished had they taken just a little more precaution and time for preparation were retired prematurely.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The essentials and industry secrets of how to own and operate a successful concierge service
  • The aspects of personal, corporate, and residential concierge services and business savvy pertinent to each
  • Step-by-step instructions for starting and operating a competitive concierge, errand or lifestyle management service
  • Methods for  procuring new clients and “Getting Your Foot in the Door”
  • How to outshine your competitors
  • Valuable strategies for furthering your career as a concierge, whether as an entrepreneur or professional
  • And much more!


Start a new career as the Lifestyle Manager of your own VIP Concierge Service in a matter of a few hours!


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