How To Start A Concierge Service
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Here are just a few topics covered in this book…
  • How to Start Your Own Concierge Service
  • Identify Your Target Market
  • Determine Services to Offer
  • How to Find Clients for a Concierge Business or Errand Service
  • Business Structure & Taxation
  • Protecting Your Concierge Business
             Insurance for a Concierge Business              

  • Growing Your Concierge Business
            Advertising & Marketing Plan
            Business Portfolio
            Marketing Tools & Strategies

  • Personal, Corporate & Residential Senior Concierge Services
             Concierge Business Plan
             Concierge Business Pricing & Rates
             How to Find Customers or Clients
             Administration & Operations
  • How to Start a Luxury Concierge Business
  • How to Promote Your Concierge Service
  • Handling Difficult Requests
  • How to Stand Apart from the Competition
  • Concierge Resources
  • Blog

Keys to Starting & Operating a Successful
Concierge Service

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Start a Concierge Business Work From Home

What does a concierge service do?

A proficient concierge employs every ethical means of fulfilling client requests so long as it is morally, legally, and humanly possible. From the mundane to the unusual, the concierge attempts to fulfill each request to the client’s fullest satisfaction. Consequently, this profession requires individuals in this profession to be multi-talented as well as multi-tasking. If you have a strong desire to excel in the areas of hospitality and customer service, this may be right career choice for you. If you are already an established concierge, you may want to consider furthering your career with a concierge service of your own.

There are several advantages to owning your concierge service. First and foremost is the personal and professional satisfaction of being your own boss. Running your own service allows for creativity to flourish right alongside a burgeoning business savvy. Secondly, you create bigger opportunities for yourself. By nature of the business, you attract many people of different backgrounds and professions. This broadens your database of resources, contacts, and clientele, which eventually also refer more clients to you.

Start an Errand Business

Clients such as CEOs, celebrities, political figures, and busy professionals all rely on the aid of an accomplished personal concierge business.

Thirdly, as owner of a successful concierge service, the fruits of your labor are very sweet! According to a recent survey of independent concierge services, all proprietors found the work to be “very satisfying, a great way to make a comfortable living.” Several cited owning your own concierge business as an excellent career move for those interested in upper-management positions, particularly in the hospitality industry.

Is starting a concierge business right for you?

By now you should have a basic understanding of what a concierge does. Further into the book, you’ll better understand what the work is like. For now, let’s take a closer look at which qualities and qualifications make an exceptional concierge. Obviously, a concierge must be able to manage his time as effectively as possible. As service coordinator, provider and operations manager (just to name of few of your job titles), you will have very little idle time. The work is often high energy and fast-paced in a corporate or residential setting, depending on the size of your property. As a personal concierge, the clients’ lifestyles will predetermine your workload and schedule. In any case, a well-organized, detail-oriented, service-driven individual is ideal for this line of work. Your purchasing this book is strong indication this profession suits you, so...

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Start an Errand Business

How to Start a Concierge Business